This is a big list of all my gear that allows me see awesome things underwater:


My BCD is broken into 2 pieces, the back plate / harness and the wing. This means i can change the lift that i need by simply bolting on a different wing. Very useful as i switch between twinsets and single tank diving.

Halcyon Stainless Steel Backplate: This is my foundation for my rig and i use it all the time. It is roughly 6lbs negative so provides me with a little weight to i can reduce the lead around my waist - never a bad thing.

I also have a storage pack bolted to my wing. This provides an additional pouch which i can stuff another smb or lift bag into. A double ender is attached and clipped onto my butt D ring. I just reach round and rip it our when i need it detaching the clip when removed.

Halcyon Eclipse 30: 30lbs lift. This is my wing for single tank diving. It also includes my single tank adapter which you need to band the cylinder onto the wing. I use this mostly when i travel on holiday and i know my diving will be done using a single 12l cylinder.

Halcyon Evolve 40: 40lbs lift. This is my wing for all my double tank diving. I find it works reasonably well with my twin 7's and perfectly with twin 12's. It has plenty of lift for steel cylinders and even a stage bottle or 2. I use this most of the time.


Scubapro MK17 First Stage:  I have 2 of these on my twinset. When single tank diving I simply break it down and attach everything to a single MK17.

The MK17 is environmentally sealed, so no water gets in which makes it great for diving in water with debris or heavy silt as it doesn't enter the stage. They also perform particularly well in cold water which most of my diving is. I use a DIN fitting as opposed to A Clamp as it allows a more secure attachment and a lower profile.

I also MK17's on my decompression cylinders.

Scubapro G250v Primary: A big plastic first stage which works well in cold water, and can even be taken apart under water; Nnt that i intend to do that, but you never know! It has 2 adjustors which are great for getting the reg to breathe with a resistance that suits. I just have mine fully open, i don't like having to pull hard on a reg; this is like breathing fresh air!

I also use these second stages on my decompression cylinders. I like my deco to breathe the same as my backgas.

Scubapro R395 Secondary: A big plastic job that performs well in cold water. It also has a switch to reduce the pressure to ensure it doesn't free flow whilst secured around my neck.


Agir SPG:
My backgas SPG. It's big, has a white background and glows in the dark. I  can always see it, and it's metal so the build quality is excellent.

Suunto SM-26 SPG: This is a small plastic backed gauge which i use on decompression cylinders. It lends itself to the job extremely due to its size.

Suunto SK7 compass: I wear this on my wrist and have a bungee mount for it. The strap you get with it as standard is crap, without a doubt the worst designed thing ever. So get rid of it asap. The DSS bungee mount is superb.

It's so easy just to stretch over my drysuit wrists. 5mm bungee cord works best. Another advantage of using bungee is that if your suit compresses at depth your gauge doesn't slip around, clever eh?

xDeep Black BT: This lovely piece of shininess is my main wrist gauge. It is a bottom timer only. It has a wonderful OLED display and shows everything i need for both recreational and technical diving. It's very shiny.

Mares Puck computer: This was my first computer. It has a big display and only one button - how simple is that? I tend to use it in bottom timer mode, and is pretty much a back up device now to my x-Deep.


Scubapro Jet Fins (XL): These big, black, rigid jobbies are lethal. They will last you forever and no one will steal them as they look like they're from the 70's, which in fact they are. The rigidity lends itself well to a frog kick and enabling the use of the back kick, which is difficult with a split fin design.

Spring Straps (L): One of the best things i've got. A big stainless steel spring instead of those really fidgety straps you get with fins. Donning fins is so much easier with these things and i recommend them to any diver no matter what fin you're using. Even Kerri got some!


Oceanic Shadow (x2):  A single lens mask, low volume (so it's easier to clear), and has a black skirt.

The mask also packs very flat, which is great for stuffing a second back up into your dry suit pocket, or when packing a case for diving trips.

I carry a second mask in my dry suit leg pocket as back up.


I love dive lights.

The majority of my diving is done in UK waters, a light is mandatory as far as i'm concerned. They help you see what's going on and are a great aid in buddy awareness and signalling.


Halcyon EOS 9.5amp: This is my canister light. A big rechargeable battery is held safely in a delrin canister which is attached on the waist band of my harness. E/O cords connect the battery to the light head, which sits on the back of my left hand with the aid of a metal Goodman's handle. The break in the cord allows the light head to be swapped out to suit the dive.

It's a 12w LED and works well penetrating the dark, murky UK waters. It has a burn time of 10 hours on full power, and 20 hours on half power.


Halcyon Scout: These are pretty much industry standard back up lights. Delrin incased LED bulbs with 4 hour burn time, powered by 3 C-Cell batteries. I favour these lights as my buddies tend to use the same, which makes sharing batteries easy.

Light Monkey 2w: My original set of back up lights. A tough delrin exterior protects the LED bulb. Runs on two CR123 and gives a burn time of 6 hours. They are a fantastic size


I have certain items that i carry on every dive and others that only get used depending on the dive itself and the conditions.

Spools: I have several Halcyon defender spools, ranging from 20m - 45m of line. I also have a few plastic efforts of varying lengths, and a sexy Hollis stainless steel 45m version.

Reel: Halcyon Pathfinder 120m. A simplistic design, rugged, easy to use and plenty of line.

Surface Marker Buoy (SMB): I have two; a Halcyon 3.3ft version and the larger Halcyon 4.5ft version. They are both closed circuit and are inflated using your gob or dry suit inflation hose.

Cutting device: An Agir serrated knife on my waist band, and a Tekna mini knife on the handle of my light head.

Alert devices: I have a whistle which EVERYONE should carry and a mirror for signalling using sunlight. I keep all these securely in my dry suit pocket. 


As my regulators are pretty much always set up for twinset diving, I dive twinsets permanently. I have 2 sets to facilitate the types of diving i do:

Twin 7s

These are effectively my 'single tank cylinders.' I use these for local shore dives and boat diving for sites within the 30m range. They are Beaver steel cylinders with wide set Custom Diver steel bands.

They are a joy to dive and reasonably light to carry about shore diving.

Twin 12s

These are the big boys. I use them for most of my diving unless physically managing them proves difficult.

They are steel euro cylinders with stainless steel bands and a Halcyon manifold.

Ali 7 and Ali 40

These are my deco cylinders. they are Luxfer cylinders with Halcyon rigging kits.

The 7l (yellow) is for my 50% nitrox deco gas, and the Ali 40 (silver) is for 100% oxygen deco gas. I have my cylinders permanently marked with big stickers from divesigns.