There is an ever increasing number of I ARE DIVER SCUBA REVIEWS on my blog. Anything featured is reviewed by me and me only, which i have personally tested, and i can assure you it is my honest opinion. If i like it, i like it; if i don't i don't. Plain and simple.


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I Are Diver product reviews policy

  • If you have a product that you feel may be interest to me or my readers, please get in touch. I will only review scuba products or services that are relevant to this blog.
  • If the product is of low value you may wish to include a second sample for a blog giveaway.
  • All reviews will be my honest opinion. If i have an overly negative view of a product or service, i will contact you to discuss before posting, and you may choose to withdraw the review.
  • I will include lots of pictures in my review.
  • I will promote fully through Twitter, Facebook and other appropriate social media.
  • Links to manufacturer website, and retailers (maximum of 5 retailers).
  • The product will be reviewed within 2-4 weeks, weather dependent (it is scuba diving after all).
  • The review is property of me, and cannot be reproduced without my consent. Please contact me directly if you wish to add my name to a product, or feature my review elsewhere.

How to get a review

  • Please include as much information regarding the product and relevant web links.

Contact I Are Diver

Tel: +44(0) 7707 251 796

Address: email for details


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