Santa moves Grotto to Quarry - 15th Dec

Occasionally I get asked to blog about something particular; not very often, but it does happen. These are are the posts I fail to write. Today I aim to abolish that trend, and actually do as I'm told; plus, the request came about 6 months ago from my back-mount-side-mount friend Trudy. Trudy was kind enough to allow me to interview her, and subsequently, i feel guilty. Hi Trudy; sorry Trudy.

So, what was i asked to do you inquire? Not much; hence why it took me so long to write this. Hey; I'm a busy guy ... honest!

I jest, this is more of an infomercial type thing, rather than my regular rambling nonsense. This post is about SCUBA SANTA'S! It's a very exciting thing that happens around the world (I'm sure), involving attempting to drown Santa in a quarry. Unfortunately I've never been able to attend said event, due to geographical constraints of the sea between my house and Vobster Quarry. Sorta...

What's a scuba Santa?

I appreciate, as yet, this post has done nothing to clarify what SCUBA SANTA'S is all about, but it doesn't really involve drowning Santa; mainly because he's immortal.

The important bits:

  • A load of divers dress up as Santa and go diving in Vobster quarry 15th Dec.
  • Every diver is sponsored by; family they never speak to, and work colleagues who begrudge the fact that the first person on the sponsor sheet gave a tenner.
  • All the money raised goes to the Royal National Lifeboat Institute.

What's an RNLI?

If you've never heard of the RNLI guys; they rock.

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. In short, it scoops up lost divers, people that are too fat to be swimming in the first place, occupants of boats that aren't built to be used outside a bathtub, and submarine crews that forgot to close the back door.

Its volunteer lifeboat crews rescue an average of 22 people every day, and RNLI lifeguards provide a seasonal lifeguard service on selected beaches. The RNLI is independent from Government and relies on donations from muppet divers dressed as Santa, and the like.

What can I do?


  • Go do it:
If you live in the Vobster vicinity, why not join up? You have to register first, of course, raise some cash with the sponsorship form, dress up and all that, then go have a fun day out next weekend.

  • Give money:

You can donate money via the interweb. 'Just Giving' has a page specially for it here.

  • Did I mention you can can win stuff?:

There are a ton of prizes to be won too. Every sponsored diver gets entered into a prize raffle; tickets may also be purchased for £1 at Vobster Quay. A list of what's up for grabs is here.


There you have it; the perfect excuse to dress up as Mr Claus and jump into a freezing cold, green(ish) quarry, the week before Christmas; guaranteeing the lurgy at the time of your turkey dinner.

For those who are attending - have fun; for those like me, who can't - go give money.

If any of you do make it, please post the photos on the iarediver Facebook page; I'd love to see them!

Happy Christmas diving folks!