Review: Tektite Strobe 200

Tektite Strobe 200

As the title suggests, this post is a review of the Tektite Strobe 200. For those who are unaware of it's function, a strobe is a light that flashes; that's about the height of it. Strobes aren't the most exciting of things, but are highly functional and can be heavily relied upon by a diver for locating a shot line, boat ladder, the shore, or a dive buddy.

A strobe is a handy light to have in your kit bag. I currently have a different model of strobe, but the switch is a bit rubbish so i tend not to use it very often. I was keen to take this little flashy thing for a dive.

TECHNICAL STUFF (what Tektite say)


Depth Rating: 500 feet (150 m)
Bulb: Xenon strobe
Bulb Life: 1,000,000+ flashes
Burn Time: 30+ hours
Batteries: 2 C-cell Alkaline
Weight: 0.75 lbs. (0.34 kg)
Dimensions: 7.25" (18 cm) L x 1.9" (5 cm) Dia

Where to buy:-

Tektite UK Strobes





Tektite Strobe 200 - in orange

I don't know what it is with Tektite, but they seem to like bright colours; a lot. Unlike the Tekna Lite 3, which came in yellow, the Tektite Strobe 200 is bright orange. Personal preference of course, but it's certainly not to my taste; what's wrong with techie-black?

rear attachment point

Build quality is good, a sturdy, chunky piece of kit with minimal moving parts.


It's great to see a manufacturer keeping things simple. The light is operated by screwing the head of the strobe clockwise; hence eliminating the need for a switch. As with their back up light, no switch is a big positive; less moving parts the better. Two o-rings protect the body from flooding.

2 C cell batteris, xenon bulb

It has a ridged handle for grip, an eyelet on the end for securing a lanyard (not included), and two slots for attaching the included velcro strap. The velcro strap would be suited for attaching to a divers arm, a bcd, shot line, stage bottle, or dive ladder.

The velcro strap is a handy solution, although I'm a personal fan of a bolt snap and a length of cave line through the eyelet; i find it easier to use underwater. However, Tektite have gratefully allowed the diver the option; nice touch.

included velcro strap

It requires two C-cell batteries to power the xenon bulb. As usual, the batteries are a good choice as they are readily available, both at home and abroad.

batteries located under bulb


conditions: UK waters. Dark, murky, visibility 2m.


The strobe is a chunky big thing and getting a grip of it in cold conditions, even wearing dry gloves, was no problem. A simple twist of the head and the flashy thing came to life. Nice and simple.

fills the palm of adult hand


A strobe is used mostly as a locating device; i like to think of it as an underwater lighthouse. Therefore, it is only of any use if it is bright enough to see pretty far away. The strobe did not disappoint.

I tied the strobe to the shot line; the plan being to use it as locator beacon when the dive was over. The visibility was poor, but as i finned away from the shot i was still able to see the flickering white light up to 10-15m away. I was especially impressed as i could barely see my buddy's 21w HID light right next to me.

When the dive terminated and I returned to the stern of the wreck, I could clearly see the strobe flickering away awaiting my return. It was great to know the light was working in my absence.


It's got everything a diver needs from a strobe. Ok, it looks a bit horrible, and is a bit big to simply stick in your pocket and forget about, but functionally it is an excellent piece of kit. The strobe does as it is designed; it puts out a very bright flash, and is easily operated.

I'd be happy to rely on the strobe to help me find the shot line on a murky dive, or to help a dive boat locate me on the surface. It would be fantastic attached to a dive buddy in bad visibility or a night dive.

PROS: Easily operated, bright flash, multiple attachment points, long burn time, takes normal batteries (C-Cells).

CONS: Looks horrible (in orange), Xenon bulb (would be nicer if LED), quite big.


  1. You will be pleased to learn the latest version of this strobe is now, indeed LED.


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