I Are Diver XMAS QUIZ!

Christmas is here, and as an act of festive cheer and general good will I have decided to hold an I ARE DIVER XMAS QUIZ. The questions will be questionable, the prizes will be mediocre, but it will be a sock-full of fun for all!

Here be the details...


  • 24th Dec to 28th Dec
  • 7pm - 8pm (London GMT time)


I Are Diver Facebook page


Every night there will be one main question, followed by a bonus question. All questions are to be answered in the comments section under the question.

A point system will be used:



1st correct answer = 5 points
2nd correct answer = 4 points
3rd correct answer = 3 points
4th correct answer = 2 points
5th correct answer = 1 point

  • BONUS 

1 point for 1st correct answer

I get the last say, and it will be how the answers appear on MY facebook timeline. Them's the rules people!


There will be 3 prizes, and they'll be a big surprise! It'll be totally worth it ... Honest! .. ahem...

Good luck folks, see you tomorrow night on the facebook page!