Review: DUI TLS 350 Explorer Series Drysuit


Dry suits come with a variety of options, and DUI specialise in accommodating the customer as an individual. As a result suits not only come in MTM, but also with whatever bells and whistles a diver can wish for. In this post I am simply going to review the suit I received, with the options supplied.

COLOUR: red/black 

SIZE: Medium

OPTIONS: DUI cargo pockets (x2), zip latex neck seal, zip cuff silicone seals, zip dry gloves, turbo boots, telescopic torso, suspenders, warm neck collar.


The look of a dry suit is personal preference, and has as much to do with the fit as anything else. 

Personally, I really like the red over black affair DUI is renowned for. The majority of the suit is black with the torso and arms sporting the flashy bright red overlay.


Seals: a standard affair of latex seals. They behaved as expected.

Zip: Front entry L-R, metal zip. Worked fine, nothing special.

Zip seals: Zip seals are a clever invention. A zip seal is a flexible 'ring' attached to the suit that allows a quick change of seals, silicone seals or dry gloves. They are easy to use; in fact I changed from latex seals to dry gloves with the suit half donned. The zip seal also works with the neck seal - on a dive boat or live-aboard this function would be priceless.

Personally I found the neck ring a bit annoying when doffing the suit, perhaps the ring diameter was a little tight for my big nose? I don't know. Not painful, just annoying. It also made the chest area sit a bit funny, but I think that was mainly due to the much too large torso area of the suit.

Dry gloves

A point to consider when using dry gloves with such a system, is they are directly attached to the arms of the suit; so unlike most other ring systems there isn't a wrist seal to protect the diver should the glove spring a leak mid dive. Personally I wouldn't be too concerned, and there is an 'add on' available from DUI to compensate if you so desire.

There is also a unqiue technique to donning the suit with dry gloves attached. You put the neck seal on first, then the arms. It was weird, but totally doable with practice. and after a few dives it didn't bother me at all.

pull suit over head using the arms

head first

sort neck seal / don hood

don undergloves

don ams

sort arm placement

tighten velcro straps on gloves to secure placement

Pockets: The DUI cargo pockets are excellent. They are well placed on the side of each thigh, properly sized (7.5" x 11"), and contain two bungee loops sewn to each side (inside the pocket) to secure equipment via bolt snaps. 

The large pockets easily take a handful of spools, smb's, a spare mask, and the typical divers arsenal, across the two pockets. A large Velcro flap secures the pocket closed, and also allows for easy opening. 

The flap of each pocket has a small zipped compartment, which is useful for additional items. I found it stored a whistle, bolt snaps, and a small backup computer no problem. There is also an inner pocket which is perfectly suited to secure wetnotes or a small slate.

Turbo boots: The DUI turbo boot is a hybrid of a neoprene sock and the old style 'welly-boot' that hangs from many a drysuit. It is basically a neoprene sock with a rubber sole. A Velcro strap is attached to the ankle, which when pulled tight secures the sock in place. 

DUI Turbo Boot with velcro strap

The turbo boot is extremely comfortable on flat ground or a boat, but not so much when the going gets tough. As an avid shore diver I found the sole wasn't thick enough when stomping over rocky slipways, and the sole certainly doesn't dampen stones or sharp edges enough to appease. I also found my foot moved over the edge of the rubber sole in very rugged areas.

When diving the sole was phenomenal. The ankle movement made finning a joy, and allowed for some very precise kicks. 


The suit I received was a medium, which according to DUI fitting guide was going to be a little too big for my elegant frame. 

It was too big all over, yet once donned didn't annoy me, and I thought it still looked very well.

The suit has a telescopic torso which makes donning and doffing the suit very easy.


The most important thing about a suit is how it performs in the water. Firstly, the DUI TLS 350 explorer edition was 100% dry across 3 test dives. I was a little hesitant about the zip seals, especially as I changed the dry gloves personally, but they worked flawlessly. The Velcro tabs around the gloves worked well to keep the gloves, and arms of the suit, where I wanted them. Valve drills were no problem.

The flexibility of the suit was fantastic. I have been diving a Seaskin membrane suit for the last few years and its pretty good, but the increased flexibility provided by the TLS 350 was noticeable immediately.

I dived the suit at my regular local shore dive, and I appreciated at once how much easier it was to descend the steep steps down from the pier. Donning my fins waist deep in the lough was also much easier than when wearing my old suit. The material is extremely light, and with no inner taped seals, the range of movement was fantastic. 

The flexibility was noticeable mostly in the legs, especially when frog kicking or back kicking. As I mentioned before, the flexibility the turbo boots created allowed for some lovely precision finning. I also noted air migration to the feet was very easy. It took a bit of getting used to; it gave a horrible 'floaty feet' sensation compared to rock boots, but only initially. The air migration being so good had a huge positive side - my feet were the warmest I've ever experienced. I was able to use less undersuit layering on my feet than I did with my usual neoprene socks / 5mm wet boot combo; and i felt warmer. Very effective. 

Diving the TLS 350 was a joy

Injecting and dumping gas from the suit was very good. I found dumping gas much easier than usual, which I presume is a combination of the high profile dump valve fitted, and placement on the arm of the suit itself. I felt in complete control during the ascents.


DUI are one of the most renowned dry suit tailors on the market, and I was curious as to how I would find the suit. Overall, I think the DUI TLS 350 Explorer is an excellent piece of kit.

It was dry, comfortable, looks great and was enjoyable to dive. It has some lovely features such as the zip seals and turbo boots, but they are additional items which push the price up. The zip seals and dry gloves themselves are expensive to replace as well, you cannot fit ordinary seals, or showa dry gloves for example to the ring system yourself; you must buy DUI zip seals or DUI zip gloves. The same applies to the neck seal.

The flexibility of the suit was excellent due to the material used and the fact the suit is glued at the seams, rather than taped. 

The only concern with such flexibility is durability. The suit is light and thin, but is not designed to be trailed over ship wrecks or pulled or clawed at. I have been informed leaks are easily fixed with a dab of aquasure, but it would be nice not to worry.

That said, there is a substantial warranty on the material of the suit.

PROS: zip seals, turbo boots, good flexibility, lightweight, fast drying, dry, comfortable, awesome pockets, looks great.

CONS: expensive purchase, expensive replacement seals, durability issues as a result of light material and lack of taped seams, ti-zip technology not incorporated into DUI suits (metal zips only fitted), zip seal neck ring not one size fits all.


  1. HI Andy - thanks for review. Just to add a few things :) Zipseals and turbo soles do not add more expense they are options for select suits (base model), likewise taped suits are not more durable - they are cheaper to produce and less flexible and less durable. There is nothign to stop a user re-gluing seals to their used zip rings if cost of replacement was considered high (I do think and correct me if I am wrong that this is cheaper than having somebody replace standard seals especially when time the suit is gone for repair and freight is factored in)


  2. Thanks for commenting Graham. I will fix the 'turbo sole' statement - I stand corrected, they are not additional - my bad! Sorry, I couldn't actually find which suits come with zip seals as standard. I was using DIR Direct to purchase a suit and zip seals are always an extra cost.

    DUI do not sell individual rings and gloves to make your own dry gloves. Of course you could fashion your own, but there is no 'DUI kit' to do it effectively. You can fashion lots of DIY efforts I'm sure, but it's not a user option DUI provide.

    The taped seams is a manufactures argument. Those that tape their seams argue it is more durable, and DUI argue the reverse. If it's glued, then taped, logic suggests it's stronger at the seam, so that makes sense to me.

    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Andy.

    This is Kathy Long with DUI - Diving Unlimited. I came across your review. Love your photos!! And well done on donning with dry gloves attached.

    One comment that might be helpful to divers on the G1 ZipSeal neck ring. Since the ring does not stretch it's important to keep it level when putting on or taking off the ring. If the diver tilts the ring at an angle it makes the ring smaller causing a tighter fit over the head. And keeping the fingers out of the inside of the ring also helps.

    We recently announced our G2 ZipSeal neck ring which will comfortable fit any size head. More on this at

    Thanks so much for your view.


  4. I am very thankful for this post because I am also looking an excellent dry suit. I currently using one which I think I need to change. Thanks for introducing DUI TLS 350 Explorer.

  5. It's a great suit Julia, you'll not go far wrong with a DUI.

  6. Hi Andy,

    Nice review! You mentioned your suit was a bit too large for you. From the photos I thought it fitted quite well. I am in the process of getting a second TLS350. My first one was a custom-made one and it looked even more baggier than yours. Which part did you find too large for you? I am trying to get an idea what a correctly fitted TLS350 would look like. Thanks.

    Kam Hon


Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it!

Safe diving buddy.