I are diver gets arrested

Over the years I've been reasonably consistent in upholding the law, and generally staying out of trouble. Well, aside from a substantial number of parking tickets which almost resulted in my arrest on Xmas eve; but that's a tale for another day. The last few weeks have seen me once again in the sights of the justice department, except this time it's a little less physical. The internet police got me.


As I'm sure you're aware I'm prone to using pictures in my posts. I've also, on occasion, modified a few pictures with my astute photoshop skills. Seamless skills in fact huh?

Anyway ... It has transpired someone has taken the hump and reported this avid dive blogger to the internet police. The internet police aren't best happy and I had several posts removed.

Since my 'cease and desist' order I have been repairing 'infected' posts and restoring equilibrium to the blogosphere. It has taken time, plus I've been working much too hard lately to help pay for the upcoming dive plans. These factors, and a few others, have stalled my blog post production output from mediocre, to miserable.

So, that's where I'm at. I've been caught mucking about with pictures I don't own, and with increasing hits every month it appears I need to stop. I understand it's all my fault, I fully admit to simply lifting random pictures of bacon from the internet and using them on my blog. Doesn't mean I like getting caught though.

I have attempted to come up with various solutions, but they were all crap. An evening with my twitter chums revealed I had no option other than to draw my own pictures. I can't draw. I don't even own a pencil. 

So, it's Microsoft paint.

Ta da!

So, from now on all my images will be all my own work or photos I have taken personally. They're all copyrighted too, so if you steal them I'll have the internet police arrest you; on Xmas eve.


  1. currently offshore which is rather inconvenient
    not good for diving and no drinking during the weekend which is no good
    on the other hand the FPSO – ex Oil Tanker – am on has a really really nice bell
    I wonder if anyone will notice…
    but am digressing

    I ll drop you a line to understand what went wrong as I am using loads of stolen photos!!!!



Thanks for commenting, I appreciate it!

Safe diving buddy.